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Product Name: ABS Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene Plastic Grain

Item No.: AG23AT

Brand Name: Formosa Chemicals

Grade: Metal Plating Grade

Package: 25kgs/bag,40bags/pallet

Characteristics: High Impact, Metal Plating

Applications: Parts of cars, tags, bathroom plating pieces

Lead Time
Quantity (tons)1 - 2021 - 50> 50
Est.Time (days)510To be negotiated
Product Description
PropertiesUnitTest MethodTest ConditionAG10NP-N
 Specific Gravity-ASTM D-79223℃1.04
ISO 1183
Melt    Flow Indexg/10 minASTM D-1238200℃×10kg21
ISO 1133200℃×5kg2.5
Izod Impact Strengthkg-cm/cmASTM D-2566.4mm, 23℃, Notched27
KJ/m2ISO 1806.4mm, 23℃, Notched31
Charpy Impact    StrengthKJ/m2ISO 1796.4mm, 23℃, Notched34
Tensile Strengthkg/cm2 (MPa)ASTM D-6383.2mm, 50mm/min445
ISO 52745
Flexural Strengthkg/cm2 (MPa)ASTM D-79023℃,15mm/min820
ISO 17823℃,2mm/min72
Flexural    Moduluskg/cm2 (MPa)ASTM D-79023℃,15mm/min25,000
ISO 17823℃,2mm/min2,200
Rockwell HardnessR-scaleASTM D-78523℃R-107
ISO 2039-2
Vicat Softening PointASTM D-1525Unannealed, 50N,50℃/h92
ISO 306Annealed, 50N,50℃/h95
Heat Deflection TemperatureASTM D-648Unannealed,1.8MPa,                 6.4mm, 120℃/h86
Annealed,1.8MPa,                 6.4mm, 120℃/h93
ISO 75/AUnannealed,1.8MPa,                 4mm, 120℃/h75
Annealed,1.8MPa,                 4mm, 120℃/h91
Molding Shrinkage%ASTM D-9553.2mm0.4~0.7
ISO 2577
FlammabilityclassUL94-1.5mm    HB               All Color

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